Believe me, I'm all about having a bias for action. But I'm even more of a fan of having a bias for intention before taking action.

Just a smidge of intention goes a loooooong way in guiding you to a solid marketing know, the kind that brings buyers to your biz. (And last I looked, that was the reason for the season).

So, here's the (real) deal when it comes to marketing your business: you must be able to answer these three questions first - like before you do any marketing! Once you can answer them, then you have what you need to do some pretty good marketing.

Here goes:

Question 1: Who is this for?

You must have a few folks tightly in mind when you're getting ready to launch your business - no more than 2 or 3 audiences. Be super clear about who your product or course is for: do you work with new coaches? Medical students? Cake makers? Meditation seekers? Worm farmers

Why this works:
You make it easy for your most valuable customers to "self-select" into your world. When you say, "This is for Worm Farmers!" all the worm farmers will be like, "I'm in the right place!"

Question 2: What does it do?

Here, you match the hopes and dreams of your most valuable customers with the ultimate payoff of your product or course. Spend some time really thinking through the transformation you deliver, and the ripple effects that transformation has on your most valuable customer's life. A great fill in the blanks for this is:

"This is for _______________ who want ______________ so they can _______________."

Why this works:
When you're clear on the transformation you deliver, you help your customers visualize how you and your solution fit into their lives. They start to think of their "after" and connect you with a positive outcome. "This is for Worm Farmers who want to fertilize using worms over poison or chemicals so they can have the most beautiful garden on the street and help save the world."

Question 3: Why does this matter?

Ah, the ultimate question of marketing! You want to make it supremely easy for people to cut through the clutter and understand exactly how you uniquely solve problems. Help them know what you know and others don't – and why you're feeling a little feisty about the work you do.

Why this works:
Having a distinct opinion in the market helps to cut through the clutter and get your message across loud and clear. When you show how you're different, you help people sort you from the competitors...and better visualize you in the solution they're seeking.

It goes a little something like this: "Worms are wonderful. 1 million gallons of chemicals are flushed into our sewer systems each year, affecting the very water we drink. When you replace chemicals with worms, you have a direct impact beyond your garden and into the community. Well done!"

A bunch of trippy gummy worms taking bites out of each other. What the?!?!

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As always, I'm rooting for you! 

xo, Heather

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