5 Things I've learned from 100 Facebook Lives

If you're wondering if you should jump in, I'm telling you the water is fine. Very Very fine.

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Hey there! It's Heather Campbell with a little pro marketing advice because you know, when you know what the pros do, you can do what the pros do. I am so excited today because it is my 100th Facebook live officially and totally, oh my gosh! I cannot believe it because if you knew how reluctant I was to do these live Facebook Lives when I first started.

Because I'm in marketing after all and everything that I produce, everything that you see at the end of working together is truly the culmination of sometimes weeks, days, months, sometimes even years of work. It's been massaged and perfected before we bring it to market. Getting out and doing a Facebook Live was literally, sort of freaking me out.

I really relied on the power of my online community. I was part of this organization called Launch Club, which was amazing. I had so many people who said, "Yes, yes, yes. Do it!" and so I did it, and now I'm here 100 Facebook lives later. I'm going to share with you the five things that I have learned from doing 100 Facebook lives.

Number one, it is so easy to start. You need zero equipment at all. You just need a computer and a pair of headphones and something to say and you are good to go. If you're thinking you need technology or a special camera or anything like that, you don't. I still record straight off my laptop. I use my earbuds. I did get an O-ring light because I do like good lighting, but that's pretty much all I do. I just open up my laptop and away I go. It's so easy to start.

Number two, and this is huge, is it's not nearly as scary as I thought it was going to be. I really thought out there, "Oh my gosh, what if nobody is on when I'm live?" That happens all the time, so don't even worry about that. But what I found out is that it's not even scary. Sometimes, I put this in my head where I was making it out to be like I was on one high-rise building and I had to jump across an alley with like broken glass and like barking dogs and needles and stuff to get to the other side, when really just doing it was just like stepping over a crack in the sidewalk.

 Once you do something and you commit to it, I started with a 30-day commitment. I made myself accountable to lots of people, so I was definitely accountable and I did all of those first 30 days, I did not miss one day. And I brought people in on the ride with me because I knew that I needed that support, that accountability.

And it was great to share the experience with them because you know what? When you're doing things with friends, do things get a lot less scary. Facebook Lives were fantastic for building my community, especially if you have a message that people really need to hear or understand. I really knew that people needed to hear me and hear my perspective and I just knew that was going to be an important part to connecting the idea of doing video was, I don't know, daunting, because it's like video, but do hopping on and doing a Facebook live was so much easier. I think I had a business page going, but I wasn't really doing anything on it. I think I started at Facebook lives and had minimal, minimal, minimal people on my business page.

But now I have close to a thousand, which is really awesome. And I've done a couple of courses and there are people who have been in my courses who I found through Facebook from all over the country, all over the world actually. And that's awesome. It's really helped me build my community. I am a consummate marketer, so you gotta know that there's going to be a good marketing spin on this as well.

Because you know, I always say "a channel created is a channel managed" and I wouldn't be doing something so consistently and I certainly would not be doing 100 things, 100 Facebook lives if it was not doing something to help me with my business, right? because I love to do it. I love to get the word out there. I love to share what I know, but I also have a business that I'm running too. And I want to make sure. This is a marketing platform, 100000%. What I do when I'm doing advertising I use my Facebook lives to develop lookalike audiences.

Facebook is fantastic, they'll take people who have viewed a certain percentage of your video and they will, they'll create a lookalike audience. And I just pulled some analytics because I just am so interested by this. So my cost per lead for leads just tied to influencers. $5 and 25 cents a lead. I turned off that ad campaign because that is pricey.

Number two, if I was looking at my cost per lead from people who just engaged, creating a lookalike audience with people who just engaged with my Facebook page, that cost per lead is $2 and 73 cents. Also, really pricey. I have two more campaigns. I have one that's tied to like influencer. But I have one that's tied to my Facebook lives, and that cost per lead is 63 cents per lead.

I did the math on this. That's 88% lower than the $5 and 25 and it's 67% lower. Then the people who just engage with my Facebook group. It is a tremendously efficient way to find people who've engaged with you and to build a look-like audience, to keep your ad costs low. Last but not least, the fifth thing that I learned is that when you have a bias for action and you jump in and you decide to do something, even though it's scary, even though you feel like you're standing on one high-rise building and you gotta get to the other side.

I'm telling you, once you cross that line and you jump in there and you do it and you realize this isn't so bad, after all, I gotta tell you that momentum that you feel to be able to look back and be proud of how you acted. Oh my gosh, is that so worth it?

If you're feeling even the remotes Wim Hammish about doing a Facebook Live, just try it. See what it's like. See how it feels for you because I promise you if you tie it right, I didn't just do this willy-nilly. I knew that I had a business goal. I knew that people needed to see me and hear me. I knew that video was going to be an important part of that. I wanted to use it for good marketing, which I got on the other side, and here I am today as a huge advocate for it as well.

If you're thinking about it, I'm going to say, do it. And oh my gosh, if you're so nervous about it, create a little page on Facebook that nobody ever has to see. Go live on that page. Nobody ever has to see that either. And just practice and again, see how it feels and when you feel just like a little less scary, jump out there. And why don't you just do one for everyone to see and see what happens? So 100 Facebook Lives you guys. A huge milestone for me. Lots of things that I've learned.

Please, please, please, I hope that it inspires you to get out there and just take some action today. Please know that wherever you are in this beautiful, crazy, ever-changing world of ours, that there is someone right here in Denver, Colorado, and that is me, Heather Campbell, who is 100,000% mean for you.

Take care guys, and I'll see you here next week at 1130 Mountain Time. Bye guys.

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