am a crier.

If you ever catch me watching America's Got Talent, seeing families greeting their loved ones at the airport, listening to any John Denver song, being blown away by my own kids, watching Terms of Endearment, being at a concert, saying good-bye to new friends at a's pretty clear:

Chance of crying: at least 90%.

In fact, I have a crying scarf that I wear when I know I'm going to cry (like when I'm watching America's Got Talent or when my son graduates from college next year) so I have yards of tear-wiping material that my make-up blends right into vs. a kleenex the size of a pack of cigarettes.

Here's a picture of my daughter Franny, my crying scarf, and me:

It's especially cool to me when I cry at commercials. Like the "Thanks Mom" ads for the Olympics or any Nike ad (and OMG you have to check out this one), and especially really unconventional once like the one Facebook put out this year: We're Never Lost if We Have Each Other (I cried buckets and buckets and am crying right now just posting the link!).

Why do I love crying at commercials?

Because as every good marketing knows. reason leads to conclusion...but emotion leads to action.

This is a powerful thing to know. When you balance features with feelings – how a buying and ownership experience with you makes your customer feel – that's when the marketing magic happens. Because you're able to establish your authority with your features, and your impact with the feelings.

Here's a shortcut to get there:

  1. Grab a piece of paper and make two columns: one titled Features and one titled Feelings. In the "Features" column, write down the tangible things people get when they work with you (i.e, coaching services, expert insights, flexible pay options, etc.).
  2. Then, in the "Feelings" column, write down how people feel when they work with you. Do they feel smart? Empowered? Happy? Thin? Well-taken-care-of? That is the emotion to convey in your marketing messaging.

Because when your customers are feeling your feels, they are more inclined to take action to learn more about you. And the more engaged they become (and the more on-point your messaging), the more excited they get about what it will be like to work with you.

And the better that experience, the more likely they are to buy. And refer. And buy again.

See how all that works together? I right?!?

xo, Heather

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