Overheard on a recent coaching call:

"I'd rather clean a public bathroom than write. I hate it. I'm terrible at it. Always have been."

It's not the first time I've heard an entrepreneur share that sentiment – maybe not as wince-worthy but darn close.

And hating writing so much you'd stick a pin in your eye creates just a smidge of problem in marketing, because marketing is essentially 100% content. And if you're serious about starting and growing your business, you're going to have to get good at content.

And that includes writing. Dammit.

But don't worry, boo. I got you. Here are three ways to bust through that marketing angst to get your message out to the world.

Change your story, stat.

Because the struggle is as real as you want it to be. If you're saying things to yourself like, "I hate writing" or "I'd rather stick a foreign object into my eye than write" or "I'm terrible at writing" your story is setting you up for major resistance. (And we need to give that part of us a hug...it's trying to protect us in some way.)

The easiest way to change your story is to change the narrative running in your head (eventually, you'll start to believe a new narrative). So, instead of saying:

"I hate writing!" try "I am a natural connector!"

"I'm a terrible writer!" try "I am a great communicator!"

"I would rather stick a pin in my eye than write!" try "I wonder what a great connector would do in this situation?"

Don't write then.

That's right. I'm giving you permission to not write. That doesn't mean you're off the hook for communicating, though.

If writing is really really really not your thing, do video. I'm especially fond of doing Facebook Lives, especially when you're just starting out because video helps you find your tribe, and find your authentic voice.

Once you have a video, transcribe it and then download the transcription. Because you know what you have? Content. Pure raw content that you can slice and dice in multiple ways. And - bonus! - it will help you find your voice and become a better writer.

And if video makes you want to upgrade to a knitting needle in the eye, writing may just move up a few notches on your list. 😉😉😉

Try this Michigan Avenue copywriting trick.

I learned this copywriting strategy from the 12th-floor copywriters when I worked at a fancy ad agency on Michigan Avenue...and it's a solid.

Find someone whose content you like and grab one of their ads, emails,or blog posts. Then, take that piece of content and copy it – by hand! – five times.

If Drew's doing it, then I can too!

You'll find really fast what you like about their content and by the fifth go-around, chances are, you'll have made some changes to it that reflect your writing style. Remember, you're not copying their stuff to use in your marketing...you're simply helping to train your brain to write in a no-pressure situation. Do this a few times a week for a month and you'll see a change in your writing confidence.
If Drew's doing it, then I can too!

And here you go...and I'm rooting for you!

xo, Heather

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