Last week, I was in Ohio visiting my parents and I stayed at my sister Bridget's house.

I had a really early flight, so it was one of those trips where I had to get up at 2:30 in the morning in Denver to get to Toledo by 4 in the afternoon. Long, long, looooooooong travel day.

So I was super tired when I went to wash & brush before going to bed my first night here. So tired that I didn't even notice that I pulled a little tube of Aquaphor out of my bag instead of a little tube of toothpaste.

And I didn't really think, "Hmm...this doesn't look like toothpaste...." as I was putting it on my toothbrush, nor "Why is this repelling the water?" as I ran it under the faucet.

I was 1,000 percent on auto-pilot.

The good thing is that it only takes a moment to realize that you're brushing your teeth with Aquaphor...but even so, it's and bottom teeth.

Alas, the realization is's Aquaphor after all. But it's also complete. I knew something was wrong. Very wrong. Very very very wrong.

And it took a four - four! - subsequent brushes and rinses with hot water to clear the Aquaphor out of my mouth totally and do the job I had intended to do.

And even in that travel-hazy and extremely disconcerting moment, I started to think about how brushing your teeth with Aquaphor is like marketing.

We try something and it's not right. But once we recognize it, we can fix it. And it may take a few times, but eventually, we figure it out.

Sometimes, recognizing what's wrong isn't as obvious as brushing your teeth with Aquaphor. Sometimes it's a lot more subtle.

Sometimes, what's wrong is in a blindspot. You don't even know it's there.


That's why I put together this 2-minute quiz to reveal the blindspots that hold back marketing success.

It's called the Marketing Blindspots quiz and I made it for savvy entrepreneurs (you!) who want:

A marketing strategy that's a powerhouse for your brand growth that can be implemented with ease and intention (code for your head not popping off)...

To get your marketing-my-business life back from second-guessing choices, agonizing over content, and generally feeling like something's missing to a place of context and confidence...

To find and know your most valuable customers and deliver an offer that resonates with them...

To stop wasting time and start in the right place, and get pro advice from a real marketing pro...

Sound good? Take the Marketing Blindspots quiz right here:

Here's why I don't want you to wait:

☝️ 2022 is here already. It's time to get that marketing tush in gear.

☝️ Discover any marketing blindspots that hold back marketing success

☝️ I put together some fantastic micro-trainings that help blast the blindspots

☝️ Once a blindspot is revealed, it's no longer a blindspot!

It breaks my heart to see new entrepreneurs struggle with marketing...because it does not have to be that way.

Seriously, take the quiz...2022 will thank you:

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