A few weeks ago while having my usual glass of wine and order of french fries at the airport bar before boarding my flight back home from a business trip, I struck up a conversation with an entrepreneur.

This was a really nice person who’s taken, I swear, every single online marketing course known to humankind over the past few years. I’m talking courses, memberships, retreats, conferences…the whole nine.

We tallied up how much they invested on the back of a cocktail napkin and it came out to a whopping $32,000. We immediately ordered a second glass of wine.

And despite showing up for every single coaching call and event and being all-in...

Despite following the program systems down to the letter...

Despite sacrificing vacations and going to the dentist and car repairs and new shoes to pay for these courses...

Despite investing a whopping $32,000 in coaching and courses...

Despite the additional $7,000 they spent on tech and ads and all sorts of other things they don't need right now...

Despite launching their online course idea no fewer than four times...

They've made exactly $0 dollars. 😔

Zilch. Zed. Zippo.

This makes me want to climb up on my roof and shake my fist at the sky because sadly, this is not the first time I've heard this.

To be clear, it's NOT that the courses they took are sub-par. I’ve taken quite a few myself and the content is pretty solid.

The problem is that the programs aren’t designed to teach the core branding and marketing skills that a new entrepreneur needs to build a sustainable and profitable biz.

More often than not, they’re designed to teach the approach that the program founder used to build their own successful business.

See, without the core branding and marketing skills, the odds of achieving success in any course or coaching program – even ones that cost the equivalent of three car payments a month – are just not in your favor.

Here's the truth: branding and marketing is a process.

It's not a system. Or a methodology. Or a hack. In fact, there are no shortcuts.

Because there are laws in marketing...and a distinct process and sequence to it. It's how agencies like mine are able to produce repeatable positive results for a variety of businesses.

I’ve actually given it a name: the Order of Marketing Operations.

And the pros know the Order of Marketing Operations. We respect the process. And believe me, we don't leapfrog over any of the steps.

Before your head explodes, here's some good news: the Order of Marketing Operations is easy to learn.

And you can get really really good at it. All you need is a little practice. It puts the necessary tools in your business-building toolkit that allows you to move forward with the context, clarity, and confidence that quite literally makes you invincible in your marketing.

And here's some even better news: I'm sharing the Order of Marketing Operations in a **free** training, called Invincible Marketing, coming in late summer 2022.

It's the exact framework I use with my clients to help them build profitable businesses so you can transform your brand and know-how into a growth-driving marketing strategy.

It's your chance to empower a new way of thinking about branding and marketing and equip yourself with core strategies that will help you get the hang of the marketing thing once and for all.

Snag your seat in Invincible Marketing right here: https://heyheathercampbell.com/invincible-marketing-enroll

I’m rooting for you!

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