Tonight I am seeing my favorite band: Pearl Jam. 🤘🤘🤘

It’s a show rescheduled from April 2020. Their latest album, Gigaton, was on constant rotation all through the quarantine…blasting in my kitchen, on my walks, in my car.

(Now that I think about it, their music has been on constant rotation in my life from the first time I saw Alive on MTV 30 years ago…blasting in my kitchen, on my walks, in my car.) 

Excited isn’t a big enough word to describe how excited I am for this show…I’m downright exuberant. 

If you’re a PJ fan and you’ve seen them live, chances are you’ve seen Eddie Vedder (their lead singer) mess up a lyric or two. He forgets words or sings the wrong line or repeats a verse. In front of 20,000 people. Sometimes 50,000. Sometimes even 100,000 people. 

My point being, is that Eddie Vedder is human. 

Yes, perhaps a superhuman of creative and musical genius that can hardly be imagined, but a human all the same. Who makes mistakes. He just shrugs it off and keeps on going. 

And seriously, no one gives a sh*t.

Walking out of the show, people will say things like, “They were on fire!” or “Yes! They played Present Tense!” or “I’m getting a Pearl Jam tattoo!”

The only person saying, “Um, excuse me, did anyone notice that Eddie sang the second verse of Hail Hail in place of the first verse?” would be that one guy who brings a Rubix cube to the show and solves it over and over. You know who I mean. 

Because again, no one really cares about the mistakes. Or even remembers them. Except maybe the Rubix cube guy.

The moral of this story: 

The next time you make a mistake in this whole “figuring out how to market my business” thing, take a breath and remember that even the lead singer of one of the biggest rock bands of all time messes up the lyrics…to the songs he wrote. 

And no one cares. 

Find the meaning (or better yet, humor) in your mistake (because there is one) and then just keep on going. Because everyone makes mistakes. You. Me. Eddie Vedder.

And that’s some pretty good company! 🤘🤘🤘

Rooting for you!

xo, Heather


I’ve been doing this thing called “Monday Mantras” where I share a bite-sized dose of inspiration that is sometimes sweary and always designed to keep your marketing engine in tune on the long road that we call the entrepreneurial journey. This is one of them: 

People seem to really like them, so I decided to create wallpaper for your phone or laptop for that extra boost of “rooting for you-ness.” 

Click here to see the full collection.  

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