One of these cost $6, the other $115. Which one had the better story?

Why do branders love stories so much? Because they lead to the one thing that leads to action: emotion. Tap into that, and you're messaging is golden.

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As, you know, when you know what the pros do, you can do what the pros do. I have props today. You guys one of these perfumes cost $6 and one cost $115. Which one do you think had the better story attached to it? If you guess the $115 perfume, you are correct. I just dropped it. Oh, my gosh! Thank goodness it's like precious cargo, $115.

Here's the backstory, I was in San Francisco visiting my daughter. And there is this perfume company called La Labo. I hope I'm pronouncing it correctly. Oh my God! It's just absolutely incredible and I have another one of their scents and I wanted to go in and get some of their rose perfume, which is this little guy right here. I go in and I'm just like, "Hey, I really want this rose perfume." we tested, this woman's like, "Oh yeah, it's great. It's like one of our most popular" and she's like, "but you know what? There's this, this other perfume you really need to try and it's called Another 13." And she ended up telling us the most amazing story about the brand, about the guys who run the brand all their perfumes with the exception of this one are named after their old girlfriends. And I'm like "Oh my God, that's so risky. "

I used to work with a real estate investor and he would buy properties and then name them after his girlfriends and then invariably break up. I'm like, "You going to stop doing that. Like you going to stop doing that". Anyway, they created this scent specifically for a publication called, I think Another 13 or Another is the name of the publication. And so anyway, she told us this amazing story, and then I loved it just about the guys and they're perfumers and then they create these scents and name them after a girl.

I'm just like, "Oh my God, this is the most amazing story." It's also just absolutely. Oh my God. I'm just going to smell it right. Oh, my God I'm like mad for it. There was no question I was going to get this one, right? So this was $115. This was $6. This was, oh my God. This is fantastic. It's so great. It's one of our best sellers.

This one had a story about the girlfriends, about the publication, how it's the only one that they've ever done outside of like naming them after their girlfriends. And it was so fun to learn the story and you wonder why does it work? Like when people talk about having stories, branding stories. Why do branding and marketing people love stories so much? It is because there's business strategy behind it.

That's because really good marketers and really good branding strategists understand that emotion leads to action. Reason leads to conclusion, emotion leads to action. If this woman were to say, "Oh yeah, this perfume has these seven elements in it and this is a scent profile." and then I would be deciding "Oh, do I like sandalwood? Or I don't think I like that." I would sort of be deciding in making this "Yes, no, yes, no. Yes no" decision in my mind. Because that's exactly what we do when we start serving up a bunch of features or a list of things, reasons that people should buy something from us.

But when we tell people a story, oh my gosh, this is this beautiful story about this perfume and how these guys normally do business. They completely broke tradition. And we were just completely enraptured with the story and it works the very same in your marketing. When you are thinking about your marketing and what you bring to the table, cause clearly you have an offer and something that you can do a way that you can help people.

And you just want to give that a big bear hug of a story and a really good place to start with a story is by starting with why you're doing the thing that you're doing, right? If you can say, "Hey, I noticed when I look around this crazy world of ours, that there are people who struggle with marketing and so I put together this program to help people who struggle with marketing, because I feel like there needs to be a better way." And you can talk to someone like. I was sitting on my front porch. When I came up with this idea, I was in the middle of a meditation. I walked around the blocks three times afterwards.

I was so excited at the prospect, right? Really bring people into that moment with you. It is absolutely a beautiful way to tell your story, communicate a little bit about your business along the way, and ultimately get people to respond to that emotion 'cause we're human beings after all and communicating with people one on one is just absolutely a beautiful place to be. When you can really tell someone, "Hey, I see you and this is me and I'm letting you into my world." Oh my gosh! That is so cool. When people are connected with you emotionally, that is what leads to action.

Pay attention when you're buying something. A really good place to pay attention to is if you're in the market for a car, because you are looking at features and there's a huge emotional component to driving a car, even having a new car, a new to you car, right?

There is something so big, so significant about that. And you'll see in car ads, not only do they talk about the features a little bit, but they talk a lot about the emotion and how it's going to make you feel and what it's going to look like when you have that car in your driveway. That is because those marketers know completely that emotion leads to action and reason leads to conclusion, which is that "yes, no, yes, no, yes, no" scenario.

When you're thinking about your branding and your marketing, think about how powerful it can be to add in a story that is going to help people connect with who you are, what you are all about. See you as a human being and connect with you so when you do have an offer, it is going to just be so much easier for them to buy from you. And ultimately that's the reason for the season, 'cause you have to have customers in order to have a profitable and sustainable business. That's just how it works.

Please let me know if this resonates with you, please let me know if you're watching this live or in a replay. I've always love to see who's catching my Facebook lives. Let me know, share your brand story with me in the comments too. I'd love to see it. I really do. And I hope that this really helps this notion of storytelling. Remember $6, $6. $110, $110, right? Like 20 times, 20 times the value story. This is awesome.

Here's the story, right? I hope that helps you guys. Please know that wherever you are in this beautiful, crazy, ever-changing world of our, that there's someone right here in Denver, Colorado, who's 100,000% rooting for you. And that is me, Heather Campbell. Thank you so much, guys. Take it easy and I'll see you here next week.


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