PSA for all small biz owners ! Do you own your own stuff?

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Hey there, good morning! It's Heather Campbell, helping new entrepreneurs get a brand they love with great marketing that attracts drives people to your biz. And today is a public service announcement for all small businesses because this happens more than you might think it does that you have a small business, you want to start a website and so you hire a web designer.

Who's like, "Oh my gosh, I'll buy your domain for you. I'll set up your hosting account" blah, blah, blah. And then something happens that you lose contact with them. They go out of business and they own all your stuff. This happens so often to small businesses.

Today, if you do not own your domain to your website, meaning your web address, get ownership of that right away. If someone else has purchased this for you, it is super easy to transfer to you. You don't want access to it, you want ownership of it.

Same with your hosting account for your website, set up your own hosting account. The best way to do this is to buy your own domains, give those to your web designer, set up your own hosting account on a platform like SiteGround is what I use, this is not an endorsement it's just the one that I use. Then, you provide your web person access to your hosting account. Make sure you have your own hosting account. If they do, if they have it set up on their hosting account. Have them move it over.

It is super easy to do. Also, make sure that you have access to an FTP site. It's a programming complicated thing, but you want to make sure that you have access to that because that includes all the files for your website. You need it if you ever run into any website issues. make sure that you own your domain, that you own your hosting account, and that you have that you own your website's FTP account.

Oh my goodness! It is going to save you so much heartache down the road. If something happens and you worked with someone who you just can't get in touch with anymore, they flaked out, they went out to business, and they own all your stuff. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I had to go live so fast when I, from the Starbucks parking lot because I don't want this happen into one more entrepreneur or small business.

Take it easy and please know that wherever you are Starbucks or in this beautiful, crazy, seriously, crazy, but ever-changing world of ours. There's someone right here in Denver, Colorado. Who's 100,000% rooting for you.

Take care guys. Bye.

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