My kids are early in their careers. It’s cool to see them find their path.

That's because for a huge portion of their childhood, I was in a big corporate job burning out in dramatic fashion (cue the woman on fire trying to put it out with a hammer).

I've had my own business since 2014 and haven't looked back. I barely recognize the corporate me...I don't know how I balanced on those 4-inch platforms with what felt like the weight of the world on my shoulders.

As my kids start their careers, I think what advice I would give them knowing what I know now. Here's my list:

👉 Use all your vacation time and sick days. And don't work on any of them.

👉 If you're at a conference in Las Vegas and wonder, "Are these shoes going to be comfortable all day?" Wear the other pair of shoes.

👉 Starting your own business isn't nearly as scary as you think it will be. So if you have an idea, let's go for it. I know someone who can help you with your brand and marketing...

👉 Get a subscription to the Harvard Business Review. You’ll learn so much.

👉 Don't gossip.

👉 There's always room to negotiate your salary. 

👉 When traveling for business, stay at a Kimpton Hotel wherever possible.

👉 Executives love it when you ask for their opinion on something...maybe something from the Harvard Business Review?!

👉 People are delighted to help. So ask.

👉 If you're ever torn between the pull of work and family, the answer is always family.

👉 Your network is your most powerful tool in your toolbox. Tend to it like a garden.

👉 Two drinks max at any company event. 

👉 Remember your boss is a human with a past and a family and hopes and dreams and fears and flaws and attributes. Don't hold them to a higher standard just because they make more money than you.

Disconnect. Leave at 5. Leave email for the morning. Those boundaries are how you'll avoid burning out like I did.

Franny, Gus. I love you both and am so proud - and so excited to see your lives unfold. 🧡🧡🧡

xo, Mom aka Heather

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