Look, I've been at this branding and marketing thing for a long time so I know that the concept of branding is misunderstood by about 95% of new entrepreneurs I meet. It goes a little something like this:

I say "brand!" and they say, "logo!"

Not quite. Your logo is your brand identity. And it's hugely important, but it's not your brand. 

I say "brand!" and they say, "story!"

Er, no...that's your brand story. And it helps hugely to engage with the people you want to invite into your business. But it's not your brand. 

I say "brand!" and they say "Well, WTF is it then?"

Your brand, my dear, is what makes you uniquely you. 😍😍😍 And it's your very best competitive advantage.

Your brand is what makes you different from the other guys out there who do something similar to you.

It's what makes the way you deliver the transformation you promise completely distinct and memorable. 

It's what makes you stand out in all the marketing clutter like a shining, beaming, glowing symbol of possibility for the people you want to invite into your biz. 

It's what informs your marketing and your messaging and gives you a distinct voice that feels like sitting at cozy table at Starbucks having a conversation with you while sipping lattes. 

It's what gives you the context to make a promise and then deliver on that promise and then charge a premium because you're so reliable.

Your brand makes it easier for people to find you, connect with you, and buy from you. 

(And if that's not reason enough to get your brand house in order....)

Your logo, then, is an extension of you and all that brand awesomeness. Your story is a facet of your full brand, an important tool in your "connecting with customers" toolkit.

But it's not your brand. Your brand is so much bigger than that. 

That's why marketers love brands so much. Because brands serve as the foundation to support all the good marketing that's to come (and it's a lot!) so you know exactly where you're going. 

And when you know where you're going, it's so much easier to get there. 

Rooting for you! xo, HC

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