Here’s the backstory:

I was at the mall and as I was walking through the fancy clothing section at Nordstrom, I saw a dress that was so gorgeous I had to try it on. It was also insanely expensive – like two car payments expensive – so trying it on would be as close to owning that dress as I would ever get. 

(I guess I could’ve shoplifted it, but yuck. That’s right out of the Lindsay Lohan playbook. And also completely unethical.) 

So, the try on was pretty good. The dress was beautiful, the fabric divine. And I was thrilled to find that it looked better on the hanger than on me. You know, no lamenting. 

It was the take-off that got tricky. I got stuck in that dress, arms above my head, the dress about half-way off, but stuck at my shoulders. I squirmed and adjusted. Nope. Still stuck. I sat down to take a breather and tried again. Still stuck. 

I started to sweat a little and thought, “Oh no, I’m sweating in a $1,000 dress!”

I couldn’t really see anything since the dress was above my head, and I couldn’t peek into the hallway for help because I couldn’t maneuver the door with my arms straight above my head. 

Once I heard the stitches break, I knew I had to call for help. Like out loud. With my voice. “Hey, I need a little help in the dressing room!” I would yell, sitting on the little stool in the dressing room, dress firmly stuck and arms straight above my head, my jeans at my ankles because I hate trying on clothes and I try to keep things efficient. 

And I had to yell for a little while because the salesperson was somewhere else for a while before she heard my pleas. She was so nice...said this happens all the time, which I am sure is a lie. 

As I was waiting to be rescued, I started to think about, yes, branding and marketing. Because this all relates. 

Sometimes we need an assist when we get stuck. In a dress, in our businesses, in our brands. And we start to sweat…maybe about the investment we made in an expensive course, maybe about being adrift in the ocean of marketing advice and not knowing where to go…maybe about feeling all alone on this entrepreneurial journey. 

Before the seams rip, find someone to help you. Out loud. With your voice. 

And here’s the thing: people are delighted to help. 

In fact, I’m one of those people. If you have a burning marketing question, hit reply to this message and ask. I respond to all the messages I receive. And I’m delighted to help. 😀

Rooting for you!

xo, Heather

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