There are just some things you can’t do “real quick”:

  • Trim your bangs

  • Grow tomatoes

  • Retile a bathroom

  • Go to IKEA

  • Raise kids

  • Roast a turkey

  • Knit a sweater

  • Build a profitable & sustainable business

See, all good things take at least a little bit of time. 

And all require intention.

You don’t just cut your bangs without watching a YouTube video or two (“I pray you do!” - my hair stylist, Becky). Or grow tomatoes without watering them everyday for a couple of months. Or run into IKEA for lightbulbs. You’re going to be there a while. 

Building your business works the same way…it requires intention, strategy and planning to create great marketing that attracts the right people to your biz.. 

Then why do so many entrepreneurs rush it?

I think there’s a lot of hype out there tricking nice sweet entrepreneurs like you into thinking that building a bazillion dollar biz is a six-month sprint or that good marketing is improvised. 

The brutal truth? It doesn’t work like that in the marketing real world.

If you feel like you’re rushing your marketing chances are, you are. So take a step back and be clear on who your offer and marketing is for, how it helps, and why they should care. 

Yes, it takes time to bring some intention into your marketing so the people you want to help can find you. And it will be worth every second you invest in it. 

Rooting for you! 

xo, Heather


Want some inspo? Check out this video I put together all about HOW TO ATTRACT THE RIGHT PEOPLE TO YOUR BUSINESS. And, funny enough, I was late for the video because I trimmed my bangs myself. 😂😂😂


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