Today, I’m going straight for the marketing jugular on this one and tackle what most entrepreneurs get wrong about marketing.

You’ll just have to wait for another email with a funny story about my dog throwing up or the time I wet my pants in the Atlanta airport.

What most new entrepreneurs get wrong about marketing is that they implement about a thousand tactics without a strategy.

And here’s the truth, in the marketing real world, strategy always comes first.

When a new client comes to work with me at my agency, we don’t start with graphics or hashtags and TikTok. Or their tech stack. Or video scripts. Or emails. Or anything tactical.

We start with their brand strategy: who they are, how they’re different, and why people should care. Then, we take a deep dive into their most valuable customers. Then, we match their offer to their customers and their unique attributes. Then, we nail down their logo and colors. Then, we move on to their brand voice, then content.

Then – and only then – does the tactical marketing stuff happen.

Because without that first bit, we don’t have the necessary information to understand which tactics to use and more importantly, to NOT use.

(And how many times in the evolution of your business have you said, "Well, that was a huge waste of my time and money.")

Without a solid strategy to back you up, skipping from tactic to tactic until you find the marketing sweet spot is a fast track to overwhelm that ultimately sucks the morale right out of your sweet entrepreneurial soul and may leave you questioning if you should even continue.

Why not join me to discover the framework so you can build a brand you love and clear marketing that attracts the right people.

As always, I’m rooting for you!

xo, Heather

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