Herschel puked on the dining room rug this morning.

He's my little dog who suffers from a somewhat punky stomach and a condition called shaky white dog syndrome (it's a real thing...not just an amazing band name). And these things make him puke.

The thing is, I have a completely sympathetic gag reflex. So if anyone's puking, I am too. This has been proven in many informal studies I've conducted with my kids, drunk friends at parties, and Herschel.

So this morning when I heard Herschel revving up (thank God he lets us know he's about to blow), I tried to get him outside - or at least to a hard surface. But I didn't make it. He puked all over the dining room rug. There was a dime in it...I remember that at least.

Immediately gagging, I went through my options:

  1. Pretend I didn't see it and have my husband take care of it when he got up. But that would be a  pretty rude awakening.

  2. Get my other dog Penny to eat it...sort of like a self-sustaining ecosystem. But then I thought, what if Penny throws up Herschel's throw up...and things got way too meta.
So I did the decent thing. I grabbed a spatula, a pair of rubber gloves and sprayed a face mask with some Febreeze, started reciting a "YOU CAN DO THIS! YOU CAN DO THIS! YOU CAN DO THIS!" mantra, and took. Care. Of. Business. 

Threw up only a little.

Cleaning up Herschel's puke made me think of all the things I put off in my business because they make me want to heave: following up on unpaid invoices, reaching out cold to people I want to work with, figuring out the Facebook pixel.
And then I remembered that sometimes I just need to take care of business, no matter how much I want to avoid it. After all, it's the decent thing to do for my business.

Are there places where you're Herscheling in your business? Perhaps it's time to suck it up and do what it takes to get those jobs done.

I'm rooting for you! 

xo, Heather
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