I see this question come up all the time: do I really need a website to start my business?

And some people will tell you, “No! Just get started!” And I get that. Get going. Don’t let creating a website slow you down. 

But I disagree with that advice. Here’s why:

Your website is the cornerstone of your marketing platform. It’s profoundly foundational to your business. And having a website when you start makes everything else that comes after so much easier.

From my perspective, starting to market without a website is like frosting a cake and then realizing, “Oh wait, I need to bake the cake!” You can imagine how tricky that would be.

It’s always better to bake the cake first and then frost it. 

Check out this video from my Facebook Lives with my pro tips on why a website is a must-have in your business before you start your marketing:

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