I started to take my kids on "big city trips" when they were 10. They could pick any big city in the country and I would take them for a long weekend. 

Franny (my daughter) picked New York City as her first...and second...and third...and fourth...and seventh...and tenth big city trip. 

The very first time we went there, she threw her arms wide open and declared, "I'M GOING TO LIVE HERE ONE DAY!" I could tell she was serious...she's always been my big city kid. 

My son, Gus, also picked NYC as his first big city trip, where he declared, "I WILL ALWAYS VISIT HERE, BUT I WILL NEVER LIVE HERE!" He’s my hometown kid.

So, tomorrow (and 16 years after her original declaration in the middle of the Paul Frank store), Franny is moving to New York!

Let's be clear: her dream didn't happen overnight. It took a few years. 

She made some very calculated choices to start her post-grad life in Chicago and then planned to move to NYC, but then the pandy happened and she came back home for almost a year (which we loved – being able to parent your kids in their 20s is such a gift...plus, you can say things like, "Maybe you should try meditation" and they will!). 

Then she landed in San Francisco, but always had NYC in her mind. She never lost sight of her dream.

And now she's doing it! Four years into her career at a global PR firm she loves and that loves her back, making decent dough, with cool and interesting friends who've been in NYC for a few years. She's moving to NYC with a great support network, a great apartment in a great spot, and solid in her job. 

She gets to really enjoy the ride. 

As it turns out, the timing is perfect, and everything seemed to unfold in her favor. The right move at the right time.

The reason I share this story is that sometimes when we start our businesses, we get caught up in the time trajectory of it all: “I should be further along on my dream.” or “I started this two years ago and have yet to make my millions.”

And I’m saying that’s not true.

As long as you keep your dream alive and take consistent action towards that dream, you will progress. And when you get to where you dreamed of going, I bet you’ll say, “Looking back, the timing of this is perfect…and everything unfolded in my favor.”

Life works that way for some reason. 

Look, it took me four years (!) from the moment I sparked the idea to teach entrepreneurs how  branding and marketing is done in the real world to the launch of my first course. Partly because I also run an agency but mainly because I want to enjoy the ride. 

Because this business-building thing can be a really fun ride. 

Rooting for you!

xo, Heather


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I just released this one, and people really liked it: 

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