Here's a new take on "hope marketing" – a term marketing people throw around when they come across a business that doesn't have a firm marketing plan or goals or direction.

Basically, they're saying that without a strategy, you're just hoping for marketing success. And believe me, they have a point there (because marketing success rarely happens without intention).

It can feel a little like this:

Homer Simpson. Do I need to say more? He is a solid for some good gifs. In this one, he's wishing so hard for something...probably hope marketing,

But I like to think about hope marketing as something different. Something good, even. What if "hope" stood for:


What if you viewed your marketing as helping one person everyday? Who would you be the one person you're talking to? What would you say? What do you want them to do? What would you do to create value for them? How would you help them?

Now that HOPE marketing is the kind that can get pretty strategic pretty quickly.

Because by default, you're thinking about your most valuable customer (strategic), their pain points (really strategic), and how you can help them not feel that pain (super strategic because they start to connect you and your brand to their solution).

Plus, it feels really good to help someone. Bonus life points.

Hope marketing? Hell yes, hope marketing!

Who's one person you can help today with some hope marketing? With a post, with a quick DM, with a coffee date, a friendly email.

xo, Heather

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