The riches are in the niches!

The riches are in the niches, b*tches!I have to give props to my buddy and entrepreneur extraordinaire, Meghann Conter, for this catchy little phrase that is very funny and also incredibly insightful from a marketing perspective. I'm rooting for you!

xo, Heather

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Hey there, this is Heather Campbell with a little pro marketing advice because you know, when you know what the pros do, you can do what the pros do. Today, get this, you guys, the riches are in the niches, bitches. I got to give that to give major props to my friend and amazing entrepreneur, Megan Contour, who said that last week, and I thought it was so hilarious.

I got to do a Facebook Live on this one, because it's also incredibly insightful. What does it mean the riches are in the niches? One of the things that I see really quite often when I start to work with early entrepreneurs, people within the first like zero to two years of their business, is a lot of times they cast too wide of a net, right?

They're just like, "I can help everyone. I want to help everyone" and they cast a net in the ocean. And we all know what happens when you cast a net in the ocean. Not only do you get like the good stuff, like the fish and things like that you want, but you also get things like an old boots or a broken glass bottle or I don't know, something that you wouldn't want to necessarily eat, right?

You get a lot of other stuff in there and it's just a huge production. Taking a boat out on the water, casting a net, right? That's a really big thing. Rather in marketing, what we like to do is I'm like, "Don't cast a net in the ocean. Let's go fishing in the baby pool." And how we do that is we start to niche down, especially when it comes to our most valuable customers.

Just as a reminder, your most valuable customers are the people that you want to invite into your business, who buy what you're selling, pay what you're asking, and buy again, and refer. Those are people that you definitely want to invite into your business because at the end of the day, you need to have a profitable, sustainable business in order to be successful, right? That's the reason for the season. Where we start, when I work with my students and my clients, we typically start with three different, most valuable customer persona profiles.

What you can do today is I want you to think down, grab a piece of paper and, a pen, some writing implements, and write down just some characteristics of some people that you would like to work with. Maybe you are a yoga instructor and you love to work with people who have turned 50 who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and you also work with people who are 50 and have also had a health scare and have a wake-up call and now they're looking for alternative treatments. Those are people where you have one solution that solves both of those people's needs. However, how you would speak to them, a market to them is going to be different.

Someone who's looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you're going to say, "Hey, yoga is fantastic!" Someone who probably is maintaining a healthy lifestyle already knows this about yoga. But that yoga is just a great practice and it's going to help you sustain all that you've gained and as you not gained as in weight, but you know all the health benefits that you've gained and you're just going to go into your fifties and sixties with a really healthy lifestyle.

If you were talking to someone who had the wake-up call, you would be like you had a wake-up call and you're looking for ways to heal your body naturally without using weights or having to go to the gym, right? You could start to speak to that person very distinctly. Much more effective than throwing a net in the ocean, because what you do when you speak specifically to somebody like this is they're able to self-select into your world.

If you're talking to me and you're like, "Hey, if you have a healthy lifestyle, I could be like, "Hey, that's me." If you are speaking to your most valuable customer and you're like, "Hey, have you had a wake-up call?" And if someone's had a wake-up call, you'd be like, "Oh, wait! That's me." And because of that " Oh hey! that's me" moment, that is when people are far more inclined to engage with you and your content and go deeper into your world.

It is so helpful just like if you are at a party and you are introducing yourself to someone, you would say, "Hey, I'm Heather Campbell and here's what I do." You want to be able to speak that directly to your most valuable customers, and when you do, again, you make it easier for them to self-select in.

Who doesn't like to feel like, "Oh, this person knows me and is talking to me and really understands where I am" that encourages them and clears the path for them to enter your world. And if you have your marketing set up right to get onto the transaction path, ultimately to purchase. And that's why my friend Megan Contra says, "The riches are in the niches bitches."

Because that is how you leverage your marketing, leverage your content to speak to the people you want to invite into your business. They're going to self-select into your world. Now they're in your universe where you can lead them again to the perfect product and solution that is going to help them achieve the life that they want to live, achieve and allow you to deliver the value that you uniquely deliver.

That is how it works. If you feel you are casting this nut in the ocean and that you're casting too wide of a net, just stop that. Just stop that right now. Oh my gosh, I sound so bossy. But really stop that because it's tiresome, it spreads yourself too thin. It ends up binging morale, and a lot of times if you're spending money on this, and also you can blow a lot of money trying to figure out who your most valuable customers are.

Better to start with context and then determine, okay, are these my people? Are these my buyers? Before you make any changes to that, but really focus in, start with two or three different groups of people who you want to invite into your life, into your world, who you can help speak directly to them. It is going to make a difference in your business. It will, I promise you.

That is what I got for you today, guys.  I would love to hear any comments if you're listening to this on a replay, throw in, replay into the chat. So I know that you were here and if you feel again, like you were casting a net in the ocean, let me know how it feels to narrow things down or let me know if you have any questions.

You know that I am always here for you guys. Whatever you need, I'd love to answer. Someone just asked me like, "Oh, I've never sent you anything." I'm like, Send me stuff. I'll totally look at it and give you feedback. I mean that sincerely. So do that here if you'd like to.  Because wherever you are in this beautiful, crazy, ever-changing world of ours but seriously beautiful world, there's someone right here in Denver, Colorado.

And that is me, Heather Campbell, who is 100,000% rooting for you. Take care, guys, and I'll see you here next Thursday at 11:30 Mountain. Bye.

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