The three questions that will change your marketing!

The three questions that will change your marketing.
What does it take to have smart marketing? Good answers to these three questions.

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Everybody, it's Heather Campbell with a little pro marketing advice because you know, when you know what the pros do, you can do what the pros do. And today I'm going to share with you three questions. That seriously, if you can answer these questions there's almost no way you cannot be strategic in your marketing.

Let me put that a different way. Ask these three questions and you will be strategic in your marketing. It literally puts a little safety net underneath your marketing program so you will be successful in your marketing. And it starts at the very, very, very beginning of understanding your brand value.

The first question I'd like you to ask is, if you want to be really good at marketing, you need to ask, "How do I compete?" The reality in this world is that there's competition. I would love to believe that I'm the only branding and marketing person out there, but I'm not. And there are other people out there.

Some are even better than me, believe it or not. Oh, I hate thinking about that. But it's the truth, right? and we live in a world where there are lots of people and lots of options to choose from so we have to be clear on how we compete. You have to take a look at who's in your space, and you want to be able to say "Who are they? What do they do?"

And then the next question you want to ask is, "How am I different?" That is going to be the key. It's how do I compete with these guys, right? Toe to toe. What do I offer? What do they offer? And then how am I different from them? Because that is where the magic happens, it's in the differentiators.

Telling people, you're the best or telling people this. It's like, no, tell them how you're different. That's going to absolutely create that kind of context. And why I love focusing on how am I different from the competition is because when you say, "Hey, you guys, I have this opinion on whatever your industry is" let's say in my world, I have this opinion on branding and marketing, and nobody's talking about this.

This is how I'm different is I'm the only one talking about this. And what happens is people naturally will look to you like this to fill in the blanks. If you're saying, "Hey, nobody's talking about this" they're going to be like, "What do you mean? No one's talking about this? Tell me! tell me what nobody's talking about."

It really helps to position you in a really good way that you have something to react to, right? Because you know now how you're different, how you're not like moving with the crowd at the same time you are giving your most valuable customers that same kind of beautiful context to help them figure out how you fit in to their lives, right?

The first one is, "How do I compete?" How do you uniquely create value? That is the key in the competition. Then "How am I different?" Really sit down and say, "This is how I'm the same as these guys and this is how I'm really different" and you want to lean into those differentiators. And then the last question is, and this is the eternal question of marketing, is "Why does this matter?"

Sometimes you can even be harsher and say, why should people care? But that's really fundamentally what it comes down to. Remember always that marketing is your money guy. It is the process and the tool and the tactic that is going to help someone find you. Get to know you, get on your transaction path to actually purchase from you eventually.

We always want your marketing to be very, very clear in helping people understand why this is important. If I have a different perspective on marketing, say, I don't think anyone should be overwhelmed with marketing I want to share everything I know. That matters because I don't want people to not start their businesses or stay on the sidelines because they can't figure out this marketing thing, right?

That's why it matters and it matters to that person. And then it breaks my heart to see people struggling because they don't need to struggle like that. Answering that, "why does that matter?" Question for yourself and for your most valuable customer. Oh my gosh! That is going to allow you to have marketing context to create some really great content and marketing that number one is geared to communicate how you uniquely create value.

That's how do you compete, and then it's going to clearly convey your differentiators and that your unique opinion so it's so abundantly clear that you have a distinct personality in the marketplace. That's how you're different.

And then the last one is, "Why does this matter?" Why should somebody care about this? Why do they need to know what I know? And when you can really get in there, Oh my gosh, that is beautiful. That's when we answer, Why do I matter? Why does it matter? And what's important about this, the why does it matter, is that emotion leads to action. I e purchase. I don't know why I say this, like it's a secret, like, oh, i e purchase.

But emotion leads to action and reason leads to conclusion. So the more we can speak to the emotions, to the transformation, to what people are looking for and how we're uniquely suited to deliver that, how do I compete? How am I different? What is nobody talking about? What do people need to know that they do not know?

And then last but not least, why does this matter? So I'm telling you, that's going to put the beautiful kind of safety net underneath your marketing that is going to set you off absolutely 100% in the right direction. Who knew? Three questions. So easy I told you guys. Marketing is not rocket science. You just need to know the process and sequence and then it all figures out.

And that's all I got for you today. Please know that wherever you are in this beautiful, crazy, ever-changing world of ours, that there's someone right here in Denver, Colorado. And that is me, who is 100,000% rooting for you. Take care guys, and I'll see you here next week.


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