f you've ever put yourself out there to market your business, you know the following. It's a special kind of disappointment that comes with being a newbie marketer:

The sting when no one shows up to the Facebook Live you've been promoting for weeks.

The disappointment when a blog post you worked really hard on and was ooh-la-la-chef's-kiss-fabulous falls flat.

The pit in your stomach when you realize you're nowhere close to breaking even on the thousands of dollars you've invested in marketing courses, much less raking in the millions they promise.

It sucks. And it happens to more new entrepreneurs than you think (so you are definitely in good company).

Even I'm not immune. When I launched my first online course, I discovered I have a spot in my house where I go to cry. It's at the top of my steps. Not sure why there – the back the closet feels a bit more appropriate – but that's where I go.

So why all the heartache?

Because most new entrepreneurs go from what they find at the end of a Google search. And the tactics and methods that they find (even the good ones!) don't take into account a crucial lesson:

You have to think like marketers think. If that feels overwhelming, here’s a major shortcut into my brain:

Marketing is an order of operations that will make or break the success of your business. It's not rocket science, but there is a specific order and sequence you need to follow if you hope to have sustainable marketing success.

That means starting with your brand value, really taking a deep dive into the hopes and dreams of your most valuable customers, aligning your offer and pricing to those hopes and dreams, and then carving out a distinct personality in the marketplace.

Getting a strategy like this isn't always Insta-exciting, but boy it's fun to define your mojo. And rewarding. And really helpful when it comes to marketing.

And here's the good news.

Like any skill – changing a tire, making hollandaise sauce or knitting – marketing can be learned. With a little practice.

Giving yourself that gift of practicing your marketing makes the difference between spinning your wheels, having one-off highs after a string of lows, and building consistent momentum.

Because I'm 100,000% rooting for you!

xo, Heather

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