You know that color palette you've been working on (and reworking...and reworking...and reworking....and reworking...) in Canva?

The Google font choices you've been comparing for days and days (and OMG why are there so many)?

The endless hours cruising through Designspiration and Creative Market looking at logos?

Because you think that your logo is your brand? And you know that having a brand is important?

Well, guess what???

You may be focusing on the wrong thing...for right now.




Because if you're thinking your brand is your logo, I have news for you.

Despite what that article on Pinterest says, your logo, your colors, your fonts...well, they're NOT your brand.

They're your brand identity. Supremely important, but not your brand.

Your brand, my dear, is the sum of your customer's experience with you. Way more fundamental to who you are than any font selection.

So often I see entrepreneurs get distracted by identity work thinking it's the right place to start instead of focusing on the big brand stuff that actually makes a difference in your biz.


Your beliefs. 

What do you stand for? What's most important to you and your business? What makes you want to shake your fist at the sky?

Your brand promise.

What is the transformation you **reliably** deliver? What do you do better than anyone else out there?

Your most valuable customers.

Who are they and what are their hopes and dreams?

Look, no amount of perfectly cohesive color schemes will build a brand if you're not clear on how you uniquely create impact and deliver the transformation you promise.

Seriously, no one has ever said, "Wow, I had such a crappy experience with this business but their color palette is so great, I'll overlook my dissatisfaction.

"And - bonus! - knowing you brand makes the whole brand identity work so much easier too.



As always, I'm rooting for you!

xo, Heather

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